5 Of The Coolest New Refrigerator Tech Features

Posted on: 7 April 2020

The refrigerator has been a staple in the American kitchen since the mid 20th century, and the basic technology has mostly remained the same, so it might be hard to believe that there could be many innovations in the world of the kitchen refrigerator. However, new developments in fridge technological features are happening all the time. Here are five of the coolest new features.

Quick Chill

Did you know that when you put a pot of hot soup or something similarly warm in the refrigerator to store, it can send the internal temperature of the fridge soaring? It requires a lot of energy to get the fridge back to the correct temperature, and the hot food also can affect the temperature of the chilled food already inside the fridge. That's bad news if you're storing raw meat or products that need to maintain a certain temperature in order to stay safe to eat. Fortunately, many new fridges have a quick chill feature that monitors the temperature of the fridge and provides a quick blast of cool air in response to products altering the internal temperature, keeping the rest of your food safe.

Digital View

To see what's in your refrigerator, you have to open it, right? Not any more. Refrigerator manufacturers have created new technology that will help eliminate the number one cause of fridge inefficiency: opening it. In fact, opening the fridge door is responsible for 7% of its total energy usage. That's a hefty amount. Instead, you can now buy a refrigerator with a digital screen that allows you to see what's inside the fridge without opening it. Write your shopping list without wasting electricity.

Remote View

Similar to digital view, another cool new feature is the ability to remotely view what's inside your refrigerator. This is hugely beneficial if you make an unexpected stop at the store and you need to know what to buy. Using the fridge manufacturer's proprietary app, you can access video feed of the inside of your own fridge!

Antimicrobial Drawers

Another neat feature that some manufacturers are offering is an anti-microbial drawer. These drawers use antimicrobial filter technology to limit the growth of bacteria-caused stains and odors in order to keep your produce and food fresher longer. They also reduce the need for frequent cleanings.

Quick-Grab Drawers

The goal of the quick-grab drawer is the same as the digital view: increasing refrigerator efficiency by reducing the number of times you open the fridge. Quick-grab drawers allow you to put your favorite snacks and foods in drawers that are easily accessible from inside and outside the fridge so you can grab a snack without needing to open the whole fridge door.

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