Find Out If You Need To Call For Commercial Laundry Equipment Servicing

Posted on: 9 March 2023

As the owner and operator of a laundromat, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of the signs of trouble that can pop up when one or more of your laundry equipment needs servicing. The sooner you are able to get the servicing and repair work done, the better it will be for your business as a whole. To avoid having angry customers and a bad reputation as a company, you will want to read through the upcoming points.

The Clothes Aren't Rinsing Well

If your laundromat customers are calling to complain that their clothes are still soapy when they come out of the washers, you will want to make a service call appointment. If it's only one customer that called to mention this type of problem, it could be that they simply used too much detergent in the machine. Make sure that you are posting signs explaining the proper use of the machines. However, if it's several people complaining, then the issue is likely the machine itself.

The Dryers Are Leaving Scorch Marks

While you likely have signs posted that you are not responsible for the clothing people wash at your laundromat, you will start to lose a lot of business if your dryers are leaving marks all over their stuff. You want to prevent that by taking immediate action. Find out which dryers are causing the problem and disconnect them so they cannot be used until they are repaired. Post a note stating that those machines are out of order and put in a call to have your commercial laundry equipment serviced and repaired.

The Machines Are Making Odd Noises

Whether it's a washer or a dryer, if it is making unusual noises during any part of the cycle, you will want to have the machine serviced by a professional. The longer it is used while there is something obviously going wrong, the more likely it is that the problem could get worse. This means you could have to spend a lot more money on the repair work.

Always call for laundromat machine servicing and repair work as soon as you recognize that there is a problem. The sooner you get the work completed, the sooner your entire laundromat will be fully operational again. The fewer problems your customers experience while washing their stuff there, the more money they will spend continuing to come back week after week.

For more information on why you should seek commercial laundry equipment servicing, contact a company near you.


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