Refurbish A Refrigeration Case That Will Be Used To Display Discounted Items

Posted on: 29 July 2020

Dividers, new shelving, and glass paneling are important refrigeration case parts that will allow you to classify food types and provide your customers with a clear view of the daily specials that are coming out from your butcher department. If you utilize a large refrigeration unit for the majority of meat, fish, and fresh vegetable platters that are being sold at your store, it can be a hassle to sort through the items on a recurring basis so that you can mark products that are being reduced in price.

A Separate Unit May Only Require Some Basic Upgrades

If you own a modular refrigeration unit that has been out of circulation for a while, but you are certain that it cools down properly and possesses an operating built-in light system, some cosmetic upgrades and versatile refrigeration parts may be all that are necessary to get the unit back onto the store's floor.

A spacious unit that contains grated shelving that runs across the length of the case can be divided, by purchasing brackets that will break up the space into smaller areas. Use the model number of the case to aid in ordering parts that will be the proper size. Decide how many sections that you would like the case to possess.

A case that contains rear entry, for the retrieval and replenishment of products, may lack an opening door along the front side of the unit. If the glass panes that are currently part of the case contain scratches or staining, have the glass replaced through a glass company that provides commercial surfaces.

Extra Sections For Can Be Utilized For Overstock

When produce is about to expire, it is crucial that you unload as many products as possible so that you do not incur a major monetary loss. Some customers may not have the patience to sort through multiple packs of meat or vegetables and they may be more likely to buy the products that are most accessible to them. If you decide to purchase additional shelves for the refrigeration case that is being refurbished, you can use this case predominantly for overstock and products that need to be sold quickly.

To avoid cross contamination of fresh and cooked products, having a surplus of shelves will ensure that each meat, fish, or vegetable type will have a designated display area. Set up the refurbished refrigeration case in a distinct area inside of your shop.

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