5 Reasons Your Dryer Is Taking Forever to Dry Your Clothing

Posted on: 12 May 2021

When you put your clothes into your dryer, you expect that your clothing will dry within a certain amount of time. If your dryer takes longer than usual to dry your clothing, that is usually an indication that something is wrong with your dryer.

Reason #1: Overloading

You need to pay attention to how much laundry you are putting inside of your dryer. If you overload your dryer with too much clothing, the air will not be able to move around your clothing and dry them. You shouldn't fill your dryer all the way up with clothing; there should be space when you place your clothing from your washer to your dryer. Try putting less clothing in your dryer and see if that improves your drying times.

Reason #2: Overly Wet Clothing

Next, the issue may not be your dryer but instead your washer. Your clothing should not be soaking wet when you place it into your dryer. If your clothes are super wet when they are going into the dryer, you may need to use a different setting to wash your clothes to spun out properly. If changing the washer setting doesn't work, you may have an issue with your spinner.

Reason #3: Clogged Lint Trap

Ideally, you should remove the lint from your trap after every load that you run. However, you can probably get away with cleaning the lint trap every few loads, especially if you are running small loads. As the lint trap gets clogged up, the airflow into your machine will be limited, which can increase your drying times. Therefore, to keep your drying times as accurate as possible, always clean the lint trap between loads.

Reason #4: Clogged Exhaust Vent

Sometimes, the lint doesn't stop in your lint trap. Sometimes, the lint can get into the exhaust vents. If the exhaust vent gets clogged up with lint and air isn't able to flow correctly, you will need to clean your clogged exhaust vent. A kink in the exhaust vent can also result in longer driving times. You will need to remove the vent from the dryer and the wall and clean the vent with a narrow hose vacuum attachment.

Reason #5: Power Issues

Finally, your dryer may be having power issues. If your dryer is not getting enough power, it will not be able to produce enough heat to dry your clothing. You will want to make sure your dryer is properly plugged in or connected to the gas line. You may need to have an electrical component changed to get your dryer working again.

If your dryer is not drying your clothing correctly, make sure you are not overloading your dryer or putting clothing that is too wet into the dryer. Next, check the lint trap, keep it clean, and clean out the exhaust vent and hose. Finally, check on power issues. If that doesn't work, contact appliance repair services. 


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